You will be taken through the hills where you will find overlooking Florence is a 15th century villa and vineyard. Separated from the city by narrow winding roads that will take you into the Chianti/Florentine countryside only 15 minutes from the town center.


During our Florence wine tour I will explain to you the unique blends employed by the villa to create their wines. Hear how their delicious white and red wines are created to form a tantalizing blend of MerlotSangioveseCabernet SauvignonChardonnay and Pinot Bianco grapes, as you wander the production lines learning the process.

We will visit the olive groves and vineyards and also the underground wine cellar and after you will finally get to taste the final product for yourself!


You’ll enjoy a full tasting of four wines, a blended white with beautiful layers , a one hundred percent Sangiovese with the perfect balance of tannins and acid and of course one of Tuscany’s most famous and  the wine makers creative blend, the Superstuscan.

You will learn the fermentation and vinification methods used to create these fine wines.


I will explain to your the difference between Chianti and Chianti classico, all about our appellation system with the DOC and DOCG labeling and much more! By the end of the tour.


Soak up the tranquility as you dine on such local specialties as crostini, prosciutto ham, parmigiano cheese and pecorino cheese form Pienza. This is a full Tuscan spread so these appetizers will be followed by homemade pasta for primi(first course).

Then as with any self respecting Tuscan dinner we will have our desert wine/holy wine vin santo with Cantucci.


This would end our half day tour of  3 ½ hrs